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Let's build complete communities - places to live, work and connect while meeting all our daily needs.


Together, we are working to design a more complete city – one that is happy, healthy and green. With neighbourhoods that are unique, vibrant and well connected and with a diversity of affordable housing, public amenities, green spaces, active transportation routes, and local shopping, services and experiences that bring people together. Learn more here and here.



Let's create affordable, accessible and appropriate housing for all people who live and work in Vancouver. 


Together we are fighting for a Vancouver that everyone can afford -- where we have more accessible and diverse housing options, where people can live at all stages of life and where our city regulations and permits are clear, fair and effective in delivering the housing we want. Learn more here and here.



Let's take urgent and bolder climate change reduction and adaptation actions to achieve a 1.5-degree resilient world. 

Vancouver is already experiencing the impacts of climate change, with heat waves, wildfire smoke and flash flooding. We have taken steps to cut carbon pollution from our biggest local sources through the Climate Emergency Action Plan but there is more work to be done to transition off fossil fuels and create a carbon-free city. Learn more here and here.


Let's build mutually respectful relationships with xwməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam Indian Band), Swwú7mesh (Squamish Nation), sə̓lílwətaʔɬ (Tsleil-Waututh Nation), and urban Indigenous communities. 

Together, we are working to uncover the truth of the history and ongoing impacts of colonialism and cultural genocide on Indigenous peoples and to prevent and reduce violence, in particular against Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirited people. Learn more here and here.


Let's protect and enhance our local food system for the city. 

Together, we are building on years of food security initiatives and grassroots community work to grow our own food, access affordable and regional food at local food markets, to compost and to come together to feast and celebrate. Learn more here.



Let's protect and enhance our plants, animals, lands and waters for future generations.

We depend on nature. Air gives us life. Our local waters give us drinking water. Our trees clean our air and water, cool our city, and capture carbon emissions. Our birds and bees pollinate our plants, which feed us. Our shoreline protects us from storms and sea level rise. Together, we are working to improve local water quality, to re-use rain water, to increase our tree canopy, parks and green spaces, to protect and enhance biodiversity, and to restore our waterways, creeks, lakes, shorelines and urban ecosystems. Learn more here, here, and here.




Let's make the transition to a stronger local circular economy. 

Together, we are working with the business community to make shifts away from the 'take-make-waste' model towards a stronger, local, circular economy -- with a diversity of locally owned businesses employing people with a living wage, providing circular products and services (where we keep resources in use for as long as possible and recover and regenerate materials at their end of life) and creating opportunities for people to innovate, incubate and transform our city for the better. Learn more here and here.





Let's protect, celebrate and enhance our amazing people, places, arts, culture, and heritage.

Together, we are working with artists, activists, thinkers, historians, designers, and people from diverse backgrounds and ancestries to preserve and create new places and experiences that honour our past, strengthen our collective and unique identities and to bring people together. This is so important for our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Learn more here.



Let's continue to prioritize good public programs, services and infrastructure. 

Our local government is responsible for providing you with essential services, such as clean water, sewer systems, waste management, streets, parks and recreation. Together, we are working to streamline and simplify permits and licensing, to improve the way we meet our city's needs for health and safety, to increase the delivery of needed public amenities like public washrooms and plazas, and to renew our aging infrastructure, including streets, utilities, and waste. Learn more here, here and here.



Let's continue to learn what good governance means to you and how we can restore trust in our democratic system.

Over the past four years, I have learned about city governance and the different ways people can express their opinions, and hold me accountable, as an elected official, for my actions. I have also worked across party lines to improve our governance and accountability by listening to residents and supporting change at city hall, such as with the creation of the first ever Integrity Commissioner and Auditor General Office. There is a lot more work to be done and I am open to your ideas and suggestions. I kindly ask you to give me an opportunity to continue to listen, learn and support better ways to make decisions together to meet your needs now and into the future. Learn more here, here and here

Get in touch to tell me about your priorities and how we can co-create a city by and for all people who live here. 


Contact us to get involved.

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