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Our city is facing major challenges, and we will be talking a lot about them over the coming months. The biggest challenge, by far, is our housing crisis. I am both proud and humbled to be part of the #LetsFixHousing movement. Our movement is full of people who love Vancouver. We have all committed to identify and implement the changes needed to make it possible for middle class working people to live in and enjoy our city again.

Dear Community Member,
Following the declaration of a public health emergency on March 17, the City of Vancouver declared a local state of emergency to take a local approach to addressing COVID-19.

I have heard from many people who want to see measures to keep people safe and housed and to ensure local businesses can sustain themselves and recover and I will be seeking out solutions for you.


I would like to invite businesses based in the City of Vancouver to complete the COVID-19 Business Survey! 


The quicker you can get this survey completed, the sooner we can use the information to shape policy that will help our valued businesses. Thank you.

-- Councillor Michael Wiebe

The survey will take approximately 15 - 20 minutes. If you require technical assistance completing the survey, please contact Alex Brunke at The results of this survey will be made available on

We understand that the information shared may be sensitive and any responses given will be kept confidential, meaning that my team will have access to information about who took the survey, but this information will not be made available to the public. The final public report will also not directly associate an organization with their survey response.

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