Our city is facing major challenges, and we will be talking a lot about them over the coming months. The biggest challenge, by far, is our housing crisis. I am both proud and humbled to be part of the #LetsFixHousing movement. Our movement is full of people who love Vancouver. We have all committed to identify and implement the changes needed to make it possible for middle class working people to live in and enjoy our city again.

I love Vancouver and want to make it better – more healthy, affordable, inclusive and resilient.


I like to work with the community to champion evidence-based strategies that make Vancouver a better place to live, play and do business. I am a strong supporter of rich cultural spaces, accessibility, inclusion, reconciliation, multi-mode transportation, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and fair, transparent and efficient local governance.

Over the last 20 years, I have gained extensive leadership experience as a public servant and business entrepreneur through my involvement with the Vancouver Park Board, Art House Society, eight ½ restaurant lounge, Mount Pleasant, BIA, Office of the Premier, Persons with Disabilities Advisory Group, Indigenous Peoples Advisory Group, LGBTQ2+/TGV2S, and numerous other community boards.