Healthy Ecosystems

Ensure that every Vancouver citizen has easy access to nature.  New communities to to be built with adequate parks space and facilities to fit the needs of surrounding communities.  Existing communities gain parks as densities increase.

Community Engagement

To allow the engaged public to have a voice in how Parks Board does business.  This doesn't mean make drastic changes that helps a few loud voices but make the best choice for the community/city as a whole. 


To ensure that the city follows its Parks Board mission to 'Provide, preserve, and advocate for Parks and recreation to benefit all people, communities, and the environment' with complete transparency and accountability.

2014 Park Board Platform

Urban Farms/Community Gardens

To continue to build a structure to foster urban farms and community gardens.  Every citizen who wants a plot a community garden should be able to find one and urban farming businesses in Vancouver will be supported.

Parks, Beaches, and Ponds

To make Vancouver a world leader in resource management with a focus on keeping our natural landscape intact and clean. Parks Board needs to gain control of new lands in growth communities to meet local demand.

Recreational Facilities

Find the best practices to build a network of facilities and centres that cater to the needs of our population. Continue to build the strong digital strategy to improve access and ease of our facilities.  Work to make the OneCard a better system for all.

Community Pools/ Waterparks

Ensure that we build back the strong network of community pools and watermarks that have been decreasing over the years even with an increase in population and density.


Ensure that Vancouver Parks and facilities are using the leading practices in sustainability, horticulture, and business.  Build strong partnerships to build structure to make it easier to be sustainable.