Let's make Vancouver parks a better place for all.


Our process has been passed down from generation to generation and we continue to take pride in how we preserve our land. We need to keep our heritage yet always look for new opportunities.

From The Garden to Your Plate

It’s important to know what you’re eating and how to prepare it.  As a restaurant owner, I understand the need for a strong food systems program.  Every Vancouver resident should have access to a community, block, co-op, patio, or private garden thats close to home..

Foster great partnerships to build better, greener, walkable communities. With new community developments comes the opportunity for the creation of new green space and facilities.


Protect our great natural landscape and work to bring nature closer to the residence of Vancouver by daylighting streams, planting more trees, and protecting our current parks from corporate invasion.


A New Generation of Politics

  • Foster a digital strategy for facility usage
  • Create accessible spaces for all to enjoy
  • Work with our local community centres 
  • Community focused citizen engagement
  • Work to build better accesses to nature
  • Zero Waste Plan for all Parks Facilities  
  • Healthier more local food options       

Park Board Initiatives

The Way it Could Be 

Building a more liveable city with clear decision processes that use strong research and community engagement.  The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation is for the masses and needs to operate as such.  This becomes even more critical as our city is in a state of growth, magnifying the importance of our civic processes.   

We must continue to foster our city's amazing parks and community centres with the financial structure that will see them be sustainable for the future generations to enjoy.